Whether it’s just wine with friends or dinner and a beer, TAP is a great place to pull up seat and relax.

A rectangular bar floats in the middle of the ground floor with seating all around to frame the fact that at TAP, the drink is king. To add to the awe, each drinkable, whether wine or micro brew stored in kegs will float above guests’ heads in a seventy two-barrel, glass-enclosed vault suspended from the top of the ceiling.

What we serve your beer in is as important as the beer itself. Glassware varies from beer to beer, each with its own unique size or shape, allowing beer connoisseurs to properly savor their favorite brew’s aromas and flavors.

Tried and true brew. TAP features a cask-conditioned beer or “real ale”, a rich brew with no preservatives that’s served at approximately 50-55°F. Our bartenders will manually pull you a pint from an authentic British beer engine.

The spirituality behind beer. Chimay beer, made by the Cistercian Trappist monks in Belgium, lifts guests’ spirits at TAP. No chanting, please.

Always room for wine. And for the wine lovers, two wines are on tap, along with 16 wines available by the bottle. 

TAP is a restaurant of Concentrics Restaurants: restaurant consulting services Google+